Dow DIAMONDLOCK technology simplifies product selection for general construction needs
Introducing new all-purpose Dow DIAMONDLOCK™ sealants! 


DIAMONDLOCK sealants are specially formulated to provide a go-to resource with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of uses. With DIAMONDLOCK products one sealant can replace the work of dozens of other brands’ sealants that lack DIAMONDLOCK’s versatility. This means you can stock one sealant providing everything your customers need instead of many SKUs of competitor’s products.

With Dow DIAMONDLOCK Construction Sealant you can expect a product that works on doors and windows, is paintable, and holds up in all weather.
With Dow DIAMONDLOCK™ Adhesive Sealant you can expect a product that is perfect for work in houses, on drywall, on subfloors, and is paintable.
Contact Lentus to learn more about DIAMONDLOCK Construction Sealant and Adhesive Sealant products.

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