Introducing our new line of Handy Antibac™ Personal Protective Equipment


The new Handy Antibac™ line of personal protective equipment provides you with dependable products to help protect you around the home, work site bathrooms, in the car or when out and about. Products include protective face masks, sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers. 

Our new vendor partner for Personal Protective Equipment


Handy Antibac™ Protective Masks are non-surgical and non-medical grade masks made by ultrasonic welding technology which provides strong bonding of mask & ear loop. Suitable for personal protection use at home, work, public spaces or while traveling.

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Our antiseptic hand sanitizer instant gel formula moisturizes your hands with Aloe Vera. It is quick-drying, rinse-free and non-sticky. We know you’re busy with life and when you can’t wash your hands, Handy Antibac™ is here to help. Handy Antibac™ Hand Sanitizer comes in a variety of sizes to suit your lifestyle whether at home, running errands, or at work. 
Handy Antibac™ Antiseptic Hand Sanitizing Wipes contain 75% ethyl alcohol that wipes out germs and Aloe Vera that is gentle on hands. Handy Antibac™ Wipes are perfect for life on-the-go and easily fit into hand bags, school bags, pockets, and keeping in the car glove box. The wipes come in convenient 10 packs and 50 packs for individuals, small families, and businesses.
These latex-free disposable gloves are designed with protection and comfort in mind, ideal for a variety of tasks outside the home - 100 units per box. Handy Antibac™ Disposable Vinyl Gloves are latex-free and powder-free with a looser fit with a smooth comfortable feel.
Handy Antibac™ Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers provide quick and easy automatic hands-free dispensing of hand sanitizer. These dispensers are great for public places, offices, shopping centers, public transport, schools, bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, etc. to help prevent cross-contamination.

Handy Antibac™ N95 Particulate Respirator Mask is designed to protect the wearer from small particles in the air. It filters down to 0.3 microns in particle size. They’re certified by the USA National Institute for Occupational Safety NIOSH. The N95 can filter 95% of airborne particles, according to the CDC. Non-surgical and non-medical grade.

Our bulk sized hand sanitizer is 80% ethyl alcohol providing a maximum strength product that kills germs.
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